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Have a great idea but can’t action it?
Need a plan, strategy and team to see your idea come to life?

Dropbear is a full service startup development warehouse and incubator environment. We are a team of internet entrepreneurs, developers, designers and search marketing professionals that have the skill set to take an idea from paper and produce results thus turning an idea to reality.

Dropbear is currently developing a number of startups and our team is rapidly expanding. Starting a business is one of the biggest decisions that you will ever make, and it can be as daunting as it is exciting. To succeed, you must take lots of personal, financial and planning considerations into account.

At DB Marketing, our objective is to combine a practical, manageable business approach with a online methodology and technology to manage these considerations during the entire start-up process. This approach, which plays an instrumental role in how you create, drive and build a successful business on based on principles, integrity, and best practices. By injecting compassion into your solutions, you will find a healthier business in the long term and a healthier bottom line.

We are a team of experts

DBLTD was created with the idea “if you get enough smart people in the room, anything is possible.” We are experts at architecting, designing, and implementing web applications using Ruby, Ruby on Rails™, and Javascript. We have core members of the Rails and Prototype teams on board and are responsible for some of the most distributed open source code in the world.

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