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Research shows that a full 85% of people check search engines before deciding to do business with you.

Unfortunately, if you have just one negative remark, just one bad listing when people search your name, it can cost you thousands upon thousands of dollars. But what if you could turn a negative into a positive by replacing all the negative content that appears in Google and other search engines with positive content that shows you and your company in a positive light?

Take back control of your online reputation, now!

Affordable Online Reputation Management

online reputation management texasA reputation takes years to build, but it can be literally destroyed in a matter of minutes by the impact of negative online content. It could be a competitor trashing your name, or just one unhappy customer amongst the thousands of satis ed ones. But the negative results can hurt your reputation, your brand and your image forever.

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The Dropbear LTD approach is simple. Our service takes control of your online assets and replaces negative content with positive and accurate information that will, over time, put you and your company in the positive light you deserve. It’s not a simple patch job and it’s not inexpensive. This is a complete turnkey approach to completely manage and qualify what people see when they search for you online.

We cater to serious businesses, professionals, celebrities, athletes, CEOs and individuals that understand that a huge part of their business depends on their reputation and that their reputation is now online.


Our Online Reputation Management Experience to the test

Ensuring your success requires skilled individuals and signi cant resources. Our team of industry professionals manages every aspect of your online assets from social media to external content and positive assets. We constantly monitor, report and pro actively protect your online image. Over time, we can ensure you succeed, even where others have failed.

So if you are a serious business or individual that is serious about taking control of your online reputation call for your no cost, no obligation analysis to see what DB Marketing can do for you contact us at +1-214-699-9551.