Lead Generation

It doesn't get much simpler than paying a vendor for a hot lead that is interested in your product or service, right? Wrong!

Lead Generation by Dropbear

Most marketers fail in the Lead Generation game by not consider the entire leads-to-customer map and the pitfalls that exist if you don't have your program buttoned up. Some of the very basic mistakes marketers make include:

  • Not having an email follow-up strategy
  • Waiting to long before outreach contact
  • Not staffing properly for outbound telephone calls
  • Accepting and paying for leads without data validation
  • No evaluation performance at the lead source level

Unfortunately, the Lead Generation space is a dog-eat-dog world and you need to be wearing milkbone underwear if you want to succeed. Implementing in-house only allows a marketer to see things from one perspective. By using Dropbear Ltd. Lead , you can increase volume through the packaging of multiple offers and evaluate the lead quality across offers rather than just your own offer.

Through our network of lead partners, we have access to millions of online users each day that share their personal information and interest in promotional offering. Let us help you find that right combination of quantity and quality leads, contact us today.

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