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How to Reach the Hispanic Market Online


Are you using the right Tools, online and offline to reach Hispanics?

Lests begin with some facts; There is really no difference in the tools you’ll use to reach Hispanics online, you think translating your ads to spanish using Google translate will be enough. You’ll still use Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. When you begin to rank for certain phrases in Google, you will go through the same steps. Well, if everything is basically the same, then what is the difference?

The Hispanic culture is the difference. Now before we go any further, I want to note that not all Hispanics are the same. For example, Cubans and Mexicans are probably not going to share what many people typically associate with the Hispanic culture. Hispanic culture is usually associated with things such as food, music and language. However, I believe that Hispanics share many cultural elements and that is what makes them a targetable audience. 

Bad Marketing for Hispanics

Spanish Language in Online Marketing

In marketing, make sure that the Spanish you’re using resonates with the Hispanic audience you are trying to reach. Don’t assume that all Spanish dialects are the same. For example, if your ideal audience is composed of Hispanic moms of Mexican decent make sure that the language resonates with them. In a broad sense, Spanish can be grouped into the following categories: Mexican Caribbean (Cuba, Venezuela, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Panama, and northern Colombia) Andean-Pacific (Peru, Ecuador, western Bolivia, Colombia and western Venezuela) Plata River (Argentina, Uruguay, and Paraguay) Chilean Central American (similar to Caribbean).

While there are some differences, the great thing about the Spanish language is that people from Spain, Mexico and Colombia can all communicate with relativity little difficulty. Yea there will be some differences but the foundation remains. Why Net Midas? You have the advantage of being partnered with a company who has years of experience and success in both the English and Spanish online marketing.

So when plan on marketing online your products to hispanics or Latin America. think about who is going to be doing it and know that our team at DB Marketing comprises bilingual individuals (native English and native Spanish speakers) and all trained in SEO, Paid serch Marketing. We have the track record and client list to show our experience and success with bilingual sites.

Where or how to Begin your Hispanic Marketing Campaign?

  • Its really important that the following questions are asked and answered before getting started:
  • Have you selected the most profitable target keywords in English?
  • What are the most profitable target keywords in Spanish?
  • What is the monthly estimated demand for selected keywords in English and Spanish?
  • Who and where is the target market (i.e. local, global, demographics)?
  • What are the top ranking sites for the selected keywords in both English and Spanish?
  • What causes the websites of direct competitors to rank highly?

The right marketing strategy will depend upon this answers, using social media, or Google adwords will depend upon whats the right approch to reach this huge market know as Hispanics. If you have any more questions, check out or page about Online Marketing or feel free to contact us with any questions or if you are just trying to learn more about the opportunities online to market your products. 

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¿Como se puede evitar aparecer en Apestan.com y otras paginas negativas?

Reputacion Online Mexico

Continuacion de nuestro articulo Original ( por que la reputacion Online es Importante

Tarde o temprano es muy probable que siempre aparezcan algunos mensajes negativos, es un problema inherente a la amplia libertad de expresión de Internet. Si alguien desea realmente escribir algo negativo acerca de la entidad, nadie podrá evitarlo. Es mucho más lógico actuar de una manera en que nadie desee realmente crear mensajes negativos. La clave consiste en crear una experiencia positiva en las personas que pueden ser nuestros receptores de productos, servicios o mensajes.  

Para abarcar todos las técnicas de cómo generar este tipo de percepción positiva en nuestro público se requeriría de todo un curso de marketing y publicidad. Sin embargo podemos subrayar la importancia de ajustar nuestras descripciones de lo que queremos vender a lo que realmente es, evitando crear falsas expectativas o malos entendidos. Un segundo paso sería invertir esfuerzos en criterios de calidad, comunicación con el cliente o la audiencia, publicidad eficiente, un buen trabajo de marketing, entre otras estrategias.

El aspecto fundamental a nunca olvidar es que los mensajes negativos son causados por experiencias frustrantes de los clientes con la entidad o un producto de la misma. En el caso de las personas todo pasa por una buena relación interpersonal, y en el de las empresas en brindar un servicio o producto de calidad y buena atención al cliente. Esto será beneficioso no sólo en la reputación online sino también en la reputación offline.

Como funciona Google y Apestan.com?

Google en Mexico utiliza un algoritmo el cual entiende o busca entender lo que el usuario quiere, cuando una persona hace una busqueda sobre una persona o empresa, Google busca quien pueda responder a la pregunta que esta buscando el usuario, Paginas como Apestan.com muestran respuestas de comentarios y pensamientos que tienen otras personas sobre ese tema. lo mas adecuado es contrarestar esta informacion negativa con informacion positiva. 

Para mas Informacion sobre Reputacion Online visiten los siguientes enlaces:


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Mexico and Latin America SEO and Web Marketing Revolution

SEO in Spanish is becoming more competitive are you ready?

Last year i talked about the importance of digital marketing for the hispanic market and I wanted to follow up with more data that we have found thanks to comScore. The burgeoning Latin American digital media market represents an amazing opportunity for International Companies. Representing more than 7% of global Internet users, Latin America is home to emerging markets, Mexico and Argentina, where 79% and 28% of the population consumes content on the Web, respectively — a combined population of more than 100 million. If you add Brazil to the list, where 30% of the country’s 112 million people use the Internet, the list grows to 130 million Internet users.

In Latin America, Facebook accounted for 25% of all time spent online and social networking in general accounted for nearly 30% of online minutes at the end of the year, an increase of 9.5% over the past year. In addition to social media usage, online video consumption increased more than 10% across Brazil, Mexico, Argentina and Chile, and online retail visits increased 30%. The number of searches in 2011 increased 38% to more than 21 billion and, with an average of 173 searches per searcher, Latin America leads the globe in search frequency.

The U.S. Hispanic market represents an equally important demographic. More than 33 million Hispanics were online in September of last year, representing 15% of the U.S. online market, a demographic that is growing three times faster than the general market online. Eighty percent of online Hispanics use a search engine each month and 80% of online Hispanics visit Facebook each month. A Large majority of them live in Urban Areas in the Souther United States, in places like Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, San Diego and Phoenix. 

International Companies who cater to Spanish speakers in Texas, California and Arizona must focus on the Latin American and U.S. Hispanic markets in order to maximize overall content viewership and engagement. Reaching English-speaking content consumers in the U.S. and south of the border has never been more important and will only become more important in the coming years. Moreover, creating and distributing Spanish-language content in the U.S. and Latin America is an equally important objective.

Understanding and working within these communities will enable brands and publishers to attract a portion of the world that will dominate digital content consumption in the coming years. The creation of relevant websites and finding partners to help distribute that content must be among your top priorities.

 Get ready for Online Marketing in Spanish

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como recargar mi telcel en usa

El internet trae recargas de Amigo Telcel a EUA

Hoy en dia, los Mexicanos viajan a Estados Unidos cada minuto, desde los puertos de entrada como San Diego, Brownsville o Los Aeropuertos de Dallas, Los Angeles, New York etc.. Es ciertamente importante para ellos el poder estar comunicados mientras se encuentren en el pais. Afortunadamente existen servicios como Latinphone.com los cuales permiten recargar telcel desde eua . Como todos sabemos Telcel cuenta con 60% del mercado mexicano de celulares por lo cual es extremandamente importante poder recargar esos celulares en Estados Unidos.

Compra Tiempo Aire para Celulares en México

Que tengo que hacer para recargar otros celulares mexicanos?

Iusacell, Unefon Y Movistar son otros servicios de celular en Mexico que tambien pueden ser recargados por medio de los servicios online de latinphone. 

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