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Internet Reputation Management and the Lies Told

5 Things You Need To Know About Online Reputation Management

Internet Reputation Repair is a highly skilled service and is not the same as conventional search engine optimization. The methods used involve building and utilizing social vital social media accounts as well as providing useful articles that people will read and link to. Social signals plays a major factor in this process as you are not only trying to rank one website, but multiple URLs and social media profiles as well as compete with the negative search results.

Reputation Management does not have the same strategy as Local SEO

LSEO, or better known as Local SEO, compliments proactive reputation management. Proactive ORM is the process used to protect your online reputation before something bad happens. This approach will always be cheaper than reactive ORM which is always more expensive because there is a sense of urgency. Reactive reputation management is the process of protecting your online reputation after something bad has happened. The process of Local SEO is increasing your web presence in your local market, usually with one website and 10 or so keywords. This differs from ORM (online reputation management) in the fact that not only is the goal to rank the main website, but to rank multiple vital social media properties and secondary websites as well. In many cases (from my professional experience with reactive ORM), the client assumes the process will be cheap and affordable SEO, can be done in a month or two, and it is no longer their problem. Local search engine optimization compliments an affordable reputation management campaign, but it does not fix the problem entirely.

Beware reputation management companies that give you a price without researching your problem

When searching for a company to assist you with your problem, you will undoubtedly come across many that state prices on their website or quote you over the phone in the first 5 or 10 minutes of the conversation. This is your signal to hang up and find an alternative. To put this in laymen’s terms, if I am searching for car repairs and I call an individual or a large dealership to inquire about pricing without having any consideration of the actual problem, I already have the wrong expectations. I can call about repairs and say, "My car sounds like it is grinding and it has a clicking noise after I start it up." The person I am talking to needs to know the make, model, year, mileage, how often I drive it, where I drive it, etc. If the vehicle is a Jeep used for off-roading in the Texas desert, the “clicking and grinding” is potentially a much different than if I drive a sedan 10 miles to work each day and that is the extent of the use of the vehicle. Any person offering you a cheap price for something you do not understand is a recipe for disaster, your disaster not theirs. Internet Reputation Repair is not for amateurs.

Reputation Management Firms claiming to remove ripoff reports from the search results are lying to you

The only way a Ripoff Report can be removed is if you hire an attorney to sue the website and prove that there is a false statement of fact. At this point after a judge rules that there is indeed a false statement of fact, a letter accompanying the judgment can be sent to Google and a DMCA takedown may occur. This process will take a considerable amount of time and money, most likely much more time and money than it will cost to hire a professional ORM company. Rarely, the negative URLs are actually taken out of the search engine index, but rather they are pushed back out of obvious view from the Internet user. The companies claiming to “remove” these such articles in the last few years are now facing harsh penalties in court and many of them are in prison now. There have been methods used to completely remove the result, but that is highly illegal.

Your online reputation most often cannot be repaired in 30 days

I can take up to 30 days for Google to recognize all of the real and authoritative links placed on the web relating to your brand and/or keywords. No one company or person can definitively state they can “make” the spiders crawl, index, and display the positive pages in an exact amount of time. With experience the management of reputation online can be executed in a timely manner, but it cannot be absolutely guaranteed in a particular time frame. If your brand or keyword is very unique and the negative results a fairly new, the result of the efforts can be acquired with professional skill in a shorter duration of time. Usually this cannot be done in 30 -60 days and surely cannot be completed for a low price. When you see the term “affordable reputation management”, this is often regarding the ROI involved. The amount of money you may potentially lose over a 12 month period with negative results on the first page can be far less than the investment required to repair the online reputation. This is a key point many people need to understand. $10,000 or $20,000 is not a lot of money to invest in Internet Reputation Repair if you will lose $100,000 in business over the next 12 months because of the negative search results plaguing your business. Internet Reputation Repair cannot be completed in 30 days in most cases.

Online brand reputation management is not one size fits all

There are many more variables involved in assessing a potential client to accept them as a reputation management client than just hearing, "I have some bad things online and I need it done cheap". This is not going to get the job done 99.999% of the time. The factors used to assess the problem reach much further than looking at a few search terms and giving a price. Some of the variables include:

  1. How many negative URLs are in the first 10 results and on the next four pages?
  2. What is the website of the negative article or review? Is it a three year old Forbes article, 9 bad Yelp reviews, or a Blogspot that is 17 days old?
  3. How many authoritative links give power to the bad article?
  4. What types of web assets are used? They may be articles or blog posts, images or memes, videos or audio, reviews on review sites or forums, etc.
  5. The assets used to damage the online reputation will be taken into major consideration when providing a quote for services and the strategy planning and execution.
  6. What is the state of the current Google algorithm? Currently, exact domain match URLs do not hold authority for general search terms. They only work well if there is a mass amount of useful and unique content or if the brand is directly related to the company seeking reputation management.

Online Reputation Repair Hidden Variables

One last thought on brand management services in regard to expectations: the company planning and executing the strategy to repair the reputation is not at fault. The person or company is at fault most of the time due to their own negligence. Just because you may pay an investment to have this service completed, the problem does not belong to the professional company you have hired, it is still your problem. You cannot and do not give away your problem with the investment as there is no way to determine if the negative results are being fueled by a bigger budget than yours. I have seen this exact scenario happen where a high profile client upset the wrong person and that person had more money than they did. Everything that was done to push back the bad results was countered with a budget of 10x that of what was spent to fix the problem. Thus, the question that often came up was, “Why are you not doing your job? I paid money.” The truth learned during that campaign was the person providing the budget for the smear campaign against the client was a billionaire and he had a vendetta to cultivate and grow, like a flower. Money was no object and he wanted the client to pay an extreme price for the wrong he may or may not have done. Choose wisely when investing in brand protection online as this decision is one of the most important you will ever may on behalf of your business. Your decision to go cheap will have a direct effect on the longevity and trust factor your company conveys to potential customers. It is wise to invest in your business and your Internet Reputation Repair instead of trying to pay the cheapest price.

If you would like to know more about DB Marketing contact us a 214 699 9551.

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Why You Need to Worry about your Online Reputation

Your Reputation and the Interview Process for a new Job

Lets just say you are applying for a new job,  it’s in an industry where you have a great deal of expertise and the company is growing. You’ve put together a great resume with your latest projects, and your first interview has gone really well. Things are looking up, right? Well, not exactly. The HR manager decides to do a quick search for your name on Google. That’s when things go pear-shaped. Here’s a forum post you wrote 5 years ago talking about that hotel you trashed in Vegas. There’s an old Facebook photo of you guzzling down a beer-bong. In one of the pictures you look high, and someone wrote about you on Ripoffreport.com. They don’t call back for a second interview.

A Business Opportunity and your Presence in Google

Your have a small business and your company is on the verge of a big contract with a major player in the industry and you can almost taste the boost that your business will receive from landing such a good contract. Your networking has really paid off, and a mutual friend’s recommendation virtually guarantees you the contract.

Online Reputation Management Los AngelesHowever, like almost everyone does these days, the client runs an additional search on your company’s name. On the 4th result disaster strikes. A bitter, slightly unhinged ex-employee has been ranting about your treatment of workers using Apestan.com, Ripoffreport.com and everywhere he can. The next 6 results are just as bad. You don’t get the contract.

What is Online Reputation Management?

The two scenarios above are just examples, but it’s important for you to know that these situations occur every single day. Reputation management (also known as ORM or online reputation management) is the process of assessing the potentially harmful search results that come up with brand name and legal name queries, and then preparing a strategy to take control of those results. This includes managing at least the first page of results as well as any harmful image results.

Online Reputation management isn’t strictly the same as vanilla SEO, because it focuses on creating a positive aura around a person / brand without necessarily focusing on driving traffic, as most search-engine traffic does not come via direct brand-name queries. Reputation management is also an ongoing process, so it includes having a system in place to monitor up-to-date mentions of your name or brand, ensuring that a pristine results page today doesn’t turn into a nightmare tomorrow.

Why is it important?

DB Marketing Blog readers are ahead of the curve, so I shouldn’t have to go into too much detail here. If you want to make a living – and not just on online – then reputation management is something that you absolutely need to understand and control. Not having it handled can lose you business, job opportunities and even friends.

Sometimes the results may not even be malicious, but just undesirable. Consider the example of a company that has a consumer-facing platform as well as a corporate website. The brand names are the same, so that when consumers search for the brand they are often led to the corporate site, which doesn’t fulfill their needs, so they move onto a different brand. They’re probably not coming back in this ‘one-and-done’ online culture.

Have you had any experience with negative reputation on the net? What did you do to combat it? Share any horror stories or reputation recovery anecdotes that you’ve heard in the comments, if you need help with any negative information about you on the web, contact DB Marketing Reputation Management Team

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Guaranteed Online Reputation Management services

Every day DB Marketing receives calls regarding negative results in Google and one of the first things we are asked is “How do I ensure I am not scammed by you?” they may have received a $299 guaranteed results e-mail offer already and are quite rightly suspicious. Our industry has a bad rep and it deserves it. We tell our potential clients not to work with a company that has no physical address (many of these scammers are abroad) . Do not buy the line “we cannot provide references due to the confidentiality agreements with our clients” if they have a professional relationship with their clients re delivering results their clients will talk to you. We have never had an issue and our clients are happy to help us win new business. 

online reputation management

Check List for Finding an Online Reputation Management Company

Some companies that promote online reputation management do not have the technical knowledge nor the ability to help influence search results and end up causing more harm. A good online reputation management company can easily answer all of the following:

  • Do they have a physical address?
  • Do they have a direct number and contact person that will work with you throughout the campaign?
  • Have they been in business more than a year?
  • Does the company have good references?
  • Do they only employ white hat tactics?
  • Are they willing to show you an example of what they can do?
  • Do they address how they will build links?
  • Will all the assets they create or promote be under the full control of your company?
  • Check their Google rankings can they rank terms other than their own brand terms, the key to good online reputation management is excellent SEO skills if the company you are talking to cannot rank their own site you need to ask them why.  There are only 10 spots in the top 10 and there may ne a good valid reason that the company has not focussed on ranking for certain keywords follow your instinct if sounds genuine then it may be.  They may not focus on thier own site rankings but may be able to show you rankings for their clients instead. 
  • Pick up references, if the company cannot provide you with references then walk away.  You cannot afford to do this over. 

If you answer ‘No’ to any of these questions, you may need to look for another company to manage your online reputation management campaign. Your company’s reputation is worth the time it takes to find the right match. We at DB Marketing offer a strong list of clients and satisfied customers that will give you a great reference to out work. Feel free to contact us here

Some of the companies we work with:

BionicSEO - Online Reputation Management Texas

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Online Reputation Management: Prevent before its to late

Google Reputation Management Prevention & Control

Today, not only lawyers subscribe to this world. The Internet is a very fertile ground for negative publicity. At DB Marketing we know that a crisis is always waiting to happen, especially with the advent of social media which encouraged people to talk, no filters.

It should not come as a shock that online reputation management has become indispensable for businesses with an online presence. Actually, even those who do not have an online presence are still vulnerable to online attacks. The goal of online reputation management is to manage damages once push comes to shove, but wouldn’t it be better if crises don’t happen at all? Clearly, your first priority should not have an effective push-button crises management plan, but to prevent them even before they happen.

Clients Need To Trust You

The chances of a consumer-generated crisis are significantly reduced if your relationship with your customers online is founded on a strong base of trust. Do not overpromise and then under-deliver. Avoid making unrealistic claims. When setting deadlines and due date, be realistic. Deadlines are sacred and if you cannot keep them, you have to inform your stakeholders in advance and offer a valid explanation.

Trust and credibility are two closely related concepts. SEO firms can build the latter through subtle tactics such as getting affiliated with credible organizations and getting a testimonial from them. This will discourage negative publicity or people will consider it as a rumor because of these supporting testimonials. One vital element of online reputation management is clear, honest and constant communication. Most crises are actually just miscommunication blown out of proportion.

Online Reputation Management Prevention

Taking the Extra Mile in Customer Service

You cannot please everybody and not all your customers will be happy when they leave your store. Sometimes, these types of customers just need to feel extra special. So, if it’s special treatment that they want, go ahead and give them the most special treatment you can. Part of online reputation management is actually exceptional customer service.

Hear them out. Most irate customers feel that no one is listening to them. So, listen and intelligently and compassionately respond. Always have a grievance system in place. People won’t rant in their social media accounts or blogs if they have someone in your company they can relay their complaints to. Offer warranties and service guaranties. And if you do, honor your word and uphold what you promised.
If you can, have third party associations vouch for your products and services. Customers are always pacified if they know that a third party organization is looking out after their needs.
Why wait for a crisis for you to respond? At DB Marketing we have realized that managing your image online begins way before a problem erupts. Contact Us for more information at +1-214-699-9551 or send us a message

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Affordable Online Reputation Management Services

Affordable ORM services in California

Affordable Online Reputation Management Los Angeles

DB Marketing, a Los Angeles, CA and Dallas, TX-based small business Search Engine Optimization services company, is now offering its clients affordable online reputation management services with a focus in local California, New York and Latin America, it was announced today. Online reputation management has become a new topic for  High Profile Individuals seeking new jobs or business owners trying to manage the negative comments that seem to randomly appear on the internet about their company. Reputation management is the process of filling page 1 Google search results with content representative of an individual or business owner, for searches made in their name.

VP of Marketing in Los Angeles Diego DelMoral had this to say:

"More and more, individuals and business owners are coming to DB Marketing because they don't like what they see when they enter their name or their business name into Google.  With our experience in SEO, we can quickly and affordably correct that problem by gently moving our clients web properties - such as Facebook, Twitter, Quora, and LinkedIn - onto page 1 of the search results.  Any negative media is slowly removed to page 2."

DelMoral explained that small business owners are often weary of trying to deal with errant forum posts and inflammatory blog posts, for fear that it will cause a dormant situation to blow-up, causing more damage than good.

"We always recommend the first course of action be to contact DB marketing if this is not possible then the owner of the content that is unappealing, but this is sometimes difficult.  Each situation is different and often it's easier just to create fresh, factual content and move it onto page 1.  This nudges the annoying content onto page 2, where potential employers and consumers rarely look."

Diego went on to say that most online reputation management services can be wrapped up within 3 months and require  further maintenance to ensure that no more negative results appear on Google. Del Moral expects the business segment to grow as more and more employers and consumers use the internet to do their own background checks on the people they are interested in employing or doing business with. DB Marketing offers services de "reputacion en linea" or Online Reputation Management with a focus in the US, Canada and Latin America (Mexico, Argentina and Venezuela), all in english and spanist at Affordable prices.


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