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Frisco Texas Eye Doctor announces new Website

Frisco Optometrist 

As the Internet consistently evolve and mobile devices are on an exponential growth, Frisco Texas Eye Doctor and Optometrist, Dr. Jamie Yee who studied at University of Houston Optometry school decided to totally revamp her already popular website.

“I have an Android and a Windows Table. I found viewing our site difficult. This is one of the main reasons we chose to redo the website, I wanted to make sure my patients understood the high level of sofistication and style that they would get by visiting my practice and website,” says Dr. Jamie Yee.

The website theme was changed to a responsive and High Fashion format. This means the site will adapt to the users interface. If the user is viewing the website on a small window or mobile device, the format will shift to make viewing more easy. The graphics will change size and the text will align for easy reading. Likewise, the website showcases the high level of sofistication that patients get when they visit Avant-Garde optometry in Frisco

A new addition is the easy to navigate home page with a beautiful graphical slider to allow patients to see the Frisco Texas Optometrist’s highlighted services and elements of the practice. In addition, small thumbnails below the slider provide patients easy access to popular pages.

For patients that are not ready to book an appointment now, Frisco Optometrist, Dr. yee provides all visitors access to her eyewear collection, which helps potential patients discover what to look for when choosing a optometrist and new eye wear.

And perhaps the biggest update came to Avant-Garde Optometry ’s already very popular eye wear gallery. “Since most patients come to see us because of our High-End fashion eye products, we decided to make browsing the designer collection easier and even more presentable,” says Frisco Optometrist, Dr. Jamie Yee.

Learn More:

To learn more about Avant-Garde Optometry , visit www.ag-eyecare.com or call (214) 407-7399 to speak with a team member to learn more about Avant-Garde Optometry ’s complimentary consultations.

About Dr. Jamie Yee:

Dr. Jamie Yee graduated with a degree in biology from the university of texas at austin. upon completion of her undergraduate studies, she interned at the albuquerque va health care and northeastern state university in oklahoma before completing her doctorate at the university of houston college of optometry. dr. yee is trained in the treatment and detection of dry eye, geriatric care, diabetic retinopathy and macular degeneration and is certified as a glaucoma specialist. upon completion of optometry school, dr. yee moved to frisco, texas for a series of jobs – delivering eye care, focusing on family eye care while she pursued her specialties. she fell in love with the area and plans to stay in her own optometry practice in frisco, texas.


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Vulture Funds attack Panama

 “Vulture funds” attack Panama

International lawyers say it is a ploy to divert attention from what is happening in Argentina.

The desperate race to seek to collect the debt that Argentina maintains with so-called “vulture funds”, has made them try to force connections, and put into question Panamanian companies, as well as the legal services industry and the legitimacy of tax processes in the country.

It all goes back to 2001 when Argentina was declared in default and from that date, the vulture funds bring a legal dispute that is now in the US courts.

The situation is such that it has reached the point of involving Panama and its legal services in order to maintain pressure on Argentina, even when one knows that in this country the laws are strict in particular to those relating to the standard of “Know your customer”.

Panama has not been the only country attacked by vulture funds, countries like Paraguay, Poland, Brazil and Peru have also been victims.

In this regard, some international media have neglected to conduct research in Argentina in order to accuse the Panamanian legal industry of facilitating illegal activities.

According to Gian Castillero, president of the Association of International Attorneys of Panama, these accusations are a misunderstanding about the function of the Panamanian legal services system, which is designed to serve national interests, and internationally, offers competitive advantages, such as providing a flexible and open corporate system that calls to foreign investment. “That’s very different from saying that the Panamanian system is a den of thieves and that it lends itself to criminal activities,” he said.

Castillero was clear in saying that in Panama, like it is worldwide, there are “Know your customer” regulations. This is not new to Panama, nor for the international community, it is simply an additional responsibility that any service provider worldwide has to comply with.

“Panama has had a Know your customer law since 1994 and that law was revised fully a year ago by means of Law 1 of 2012. Panama raised its standard of Know your customer to international levels.”

When questioned about the responsibility that a law firm has in registering a company, the international lawyer said that it is limited to do everything that one can to diligently investigate the person requesting the company and the activity for which the company will be used, to rule out any indication that the person has a criminal record, or that the company is used for an improper activity.

The President of international lawyers was emphatic in reiterating that the attacks against Panamanian law firms are to some extent due to the ignorance of the role of Panamanian lawyers.

“The role of a Panamanian lawyer in a corporation is that of resident agent and the law gives it two powers: one, to assist the company with the payment of annual fees; and two, to assist companies to register documents at the public registry. The law firm or resident agent has no active role in the daily life of the company, I think it really is a misunderstanding,” he said.

He added that what happens is that in a law firm, when a company is involved in some questionable activity, the resident agent makes news who has been involved in shaping the company, but that does not necessarily imply that either the lawyer knows or that the lawyer has failed to meet the need to know the customer rules and comply with the requirements of Panamanian law.

Mossack & Fonseca, an affected firm speaks

Logo Mossack Fonseca

Meanwhile, the firm Mossack Fonseca & Co. which has been the target of attacks, states that the role of resident agent is required by law and does not involve fundraising or liability for the actions of the established companies.

Mossack Fonseca has been the victim of accusations within the international dispute developing between the government of Argentina and investment funds known as “Vulture Funds”. “Our name has been wrongly involved by some sensationalist media every time we have been asked to provide information in collaboration with the civil process that is being heard in the State of Nevada, USA, in relation to this issue.”

“We believe that everything is part of an orchestrated strategy by lawyers for the so-called Vulture Funds, and endorsed by the defendants in this process, in order to delay their trial in Nevada and divert attention from the population of Argentina, into a fictional story, unsubstantiated and based on assumptions, in order to divert attention from what is really happening or has happened in that country, where the Mossack Fonseca Group does not have nor has had any relationship. In this attempt to discredit our Group, they have also attacked the Panama legal services”, says the firm.

Why is this action questioned in Argentina?

Questioned about the linking of the firm with the situation in Argentina, Mossack & Fonseca said that the involvement of the company Aldyne LTD. in this topic has been circumstantial and unfortunate, because of its coincidence as administrator / nominal Director of two companies in Nevada, where the professional client who requested from the Mossack Fonseca Group the incorporation of them, and designated for these two companies the Swiss entity Helvetic Group as the owner of their shares, as trustee. In Argentina, the prosecutor who is allegedly investigating what happens in that country with the vulture funds and all of its scandals, totally wrong, uninformed and unaware of corporate or company matters, said that all Nevada companies that have Aldyne Ltd. as Manager/Director are involved.

“The Mossack Fonseca Group does not know and has no relationship with the mentioned Helvetic Group, since it has never requested or purchased services from it. Also unknown is the identity of the persons linked to it.” The firm reiterates that the Mossack Fonseca Group is not a defendant in the civil case being heard in the State of Nevada, USA. “Our only involvement in this process is due to requests for information on companies wrongly involved, for which we are serving as registered agent,” they concluded. What is a “Vulture Fund”? Popularly called vulture funds, these are investment funds of risk that are dedicated to repurchase state debts at prices between 20% and 30% for later legally required payments of 100% of the debts, in this case the sovereign debt bonds of Argentina. They are generally countries that are in danger of default.

For more information, visit http://efpanama.com/fondos-buitre-atacan-a-panama/

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Como funciona la Reputacion en Internet

Alguna vez nos hemos preguntado como y cuante gente busca informacion sobre nosotros en Google y en Facebook. este Infographic muestra la relacion

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How to Reach the Hispanic Market Online


Are you using the right Tools, online and offline to reach Hispanics?

Lests begin with some facts; There is really no difference in the tools you’ll use to reach Hispanics online, you think translating your ads to spanish using Google translate will be enough. You’ll still use Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. When you begin to rank for certain phrases in Google, you will go through the same steps. Well, if everything is basically the same, then what is the difference?

The Hispanic culture is the difference. Now before we go any further, I want to note that not all Hispanics are the same. For example, Cubans and Mexicans are probably not going to share what many people typically associate with the Hispanic culture. Hispanic culture is usually associated with things such as food, music and language. However, I believe that Hispanics share many cultural elements and that is what makes them a targetable audience. 

Bad Marketing for Hispanics

Spanish Language in Online Marketing

In marketing, make sure that the Spanish you’re using resonates with the Hispanic audience you are trying to reach. Don’t assume that all Spanish dialects are the same. For example, if your ideal audience is composed of Hispanic moms of Mexican decent make sure that the language resonates with them. In a broad sense, Spanish can be grouped into the following categories: Mexican Caribbean (Cuba, Venezuela, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Panama, and northern Colombia) Andean-Pacific (Peru, Ecuador, western Bolivia, Colombia and western Venezuela) Plata River (Argentina, Uruguay, and Paraguay) Chilean Central American (similar to Caribbean).

While there are some differences, the great thing about the Spanish language is that people from Spain, Mexico and Colombia can all communicate with relativity little difficulty. Yea there will be some differences but the foundation remains. Why Net Midas? You have the advantage of being partnered with a company who has years of experience and success in both the English and Spanish online marketing.

So when plan on marketing online your products to hispanics or Latin America. think about who is going to be doing it and know that our team at DB Marketing comprises bilingual individuals (native English and native Spanish speakers) and all trained in SEO, Paid serch Marketing. We have the track record and client list to show our experience and success with bilingual sites.

Where or how to Begin your Hispanic Marketing Campaign?

  • Its really important that the following questions are asked and answered before getting started:
  • Have you selected the most profitable target keywords in English?
  • What are the most profitable target keywords in Spanish?
  • What is the monthly estimated demand for selected keywords in English and Spanish?
  • Who and where is the target market (i.e. local, global, demographics)?
  • What are the top ranking sites for the selected keywords in both English and Spanish?
  • What causes the websites of direct competitors to rank highly?

The right marketing strategy will depend upon this answers, using social media, or Google adwords will depend upon whats the right approch to reach this huge market know as Hispanics. If you have any more questions, check out or page about Online Marketing or feel free to contact us with any questions or if you are just trying to learn more about the opportunities online to market your products. 

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Mexico and Latin America SEO and Web Marketing Revolution

SEO in Spanish is becoming more competitive are you ready?

Last year i talked about the importance of digital marketing for the hispanic market and I wanted to follow up with more data that we have found thanks to comScore. The burgeoning Latin American digital media market represents an amazing opportunity for International Companies. Representing more than 7% of global Internet users, Latin America is home to emerging markets, Mexico and Argentina, where 79% and 28% of the population consumes content on the Web, respectively — a combined population of more than 100 million. If you add Brazil to the list, where 30% of the country’s 112 million people use the Internet, the list grows to 130 million Internet users.

In Latin America, Facebook accounted for 25% of all time spent online and social networking in general accounted for nearly 30% of online minutes at the end of the year, an increase of 9.5% over the past year. In addition to social media usage, online video consumption increased more than 10% across Brazil, Mexico, Argentina and Chile, and online retail visits increased 30%. The number of searches in 2011 increased 38% to more than 21 billion and, with an average of 173 searches per searcher, Latin America leads the globe in search frequency.

The U.S. Hispanic market represents an equally important demographic. More than 33 million Hispanics were online in September of last year, representing 15% of the U.S. online market, a demographic that is growing three times faster than the general market online. Eighty percent of online Hispanics use a search engine each month and 80% of online Hispanics visit Facebook each month. A Large majority of them live in Urban Areas in the Souther United States, in places like Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, San Diego and Phoenix. 

International Companies who cater to Spanish speakers in Texas, California and Arizona must focus on the Latin American and U.S. Hispanic markets in order to maximize overall content viewership and engagement. Reaching English-speaking content consumers in the U.S. and south of the border has never been more important and will only become more important in the coming years. Moreover, creating and distributing Spanish-language content in the U.S. and Latin America is an equally important objective.

Understanding and working within these communities will enable brands and publishers to attract a portion of the world that will dominate digital content consumption in the coming years. The creation of relevant websites and finding partners to help distribute that content must be among your top priorities.

 Get ready for Online Marketing in Spanish

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AdBind Digital Ad Network and Distribution for Affiliates

AdBind and Xhibit CEO Christaofer Richarde is a computer genious, and to him, digital advertising is where it’s at. Part of Xhibit Corp. AdBind produces Millions of times a month, Adbind’s real-time system bids for online space on behalf of thousands advertisers and then delivers “personalized” ads based on the browsing history of individual viewers. On a global basis.

 AdBind™ is Xhibit Corp.’s digital advertising network, ad delivery and bidding system that utilizes sophisticated strategies to aggregate ad inventory across the digital space to engage consumers. Beyond simply delivering the right message to the right consumer, adbind.com allows for advertisers to select from variables that result in industry leading engagement levels generating outstanding performance base results. This service provides the promoting brands across various channels of display, social, search and email from a single one-stop shop.

What Richarde and his team have built at AdBind since its founding in 2007 is what has become known as a “retargeting” platform that puts display advertisements in front of people who have visited a website but not made a purchase — with the ads featuring the specific products those individuals viewed.This year, AdBind also became one of the first companies to deliver advertising on Facebook Inc.’s new ad exchange, which AdBind said has already provided a 16-times return on investment for advertisers. It rolled service out to the general public last month.

Xhibit Corp Adbind

Xhibit Chief Financial Officer, Michael Schifsky states, “We know that AdBind™ has the ability to deliver tremendous results for consumer products. These latest numbers coming out on generating actual sales for our clients are just validating what we’ve been able to do with the consolidation and relaunch of our digital advertising network. It’s important to us as a Company to see the network delivering this kind of ramp-up in traffic and considerable results from ads for our clients. This is an area where we can really deliver for leading consumer products and brands using our cutting edge approaches and unique capabilities.”

Currently access to AdBind is still in beta and on an invite only basis DB Marketing was currently a guest user. To request more information please visit Xhibit Corp Properites

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Affordable SEO Services For Small Business

small business seo servicesWith millions of Internet users searching for information on products and services daily localy and national, it just doesn't make sense to ignore the potential profits that could be made through improved search engine placement of your website pages.

How Is Search Engine Optimization For Small Businesses Different?

In order for small businesses to participate in the exploding Internet Market, it's important that the fees they pay for the services are in line with their own profits. Mid-size and large companies in Texas and elsewhere can afford the average SEO fees of $5000 to $8000 to set up and several hundred dollars a month to maintain their websites, but these fees are next to impossible for many small businesses, including home based businesses.
SEO for small businesses must, first and foremost be affordable. Affordable enough for the business to begin the process and affordable enough for the business to build on their website monthly which is an important part of Internet marketing.

Business development through internet marketing doesn't have to be complicated. Basically, you just need to know what different types of Internet marketing systems are available AND what each one can do for you.

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Cuando alguien dice mentiras sobre ti en el Internet

No dé por Hecho que es verdad lo que lee en Google sólo porque alguien se molestó en escribirlo

Adalberto Vázquez fue entrevistado y tiene una increíble pieza de lo que se siente tener a alguien inventar historias sobre usted en Google Mexico:

"Como escritor independiente, dependo de mi vida en las relaciones fáciles con revistas, departamentos de escritura creativa, y así sucesivamente. Hoy en día cualquier implicación que pueda tener con estos lugares deja algún tipo de registro en la Web. Todos Nasreen tenía que hacer era trabajar su camino a través de mis páginas de Google, y ella me podía denunciar sistemáticamente a cada uno de ellos. Ella parecía estar llevando a cabo su amenaza de "arruinar" a mí.

Muy rápidamente mis relaciones con todas las publicaciones y colegios que he trabajado se tiñó de ansiedad. Había contactado con ellos? Si es así, ¿fueron preocupados? Podría haberles preguntado, por supuesto, pero al hacerlo parecía lleno de dificultades. Si no hubieran sabido nada de ella, lo que hacen de mi extraña historia de un antiguo alumno está denunciando a mí como un depredador sexual plagiar? De alguna manera me pareció un error de introducir un concepto de mí mismo en la mente de otras personas, incluso amigos. Y si habían oído hablar de ella, bueno, ¿qué bien lo haría por mí para pedirles que por favor no hacer caso de lo que dijo?

Rápidamente me sucumbido a una especie de temor paralizante: temiendo lo peor en todos los frentes, nervioso examinar mi correspondencia en busca de signos de desconfianza, atribuyendo silencios más largos de lo habitual a las decisiones que me cortaron, pero no puede llevar yo mismo a averiguar si el lo peor había ocurrido en realidad.

El acto culminó con esta línea de ataque se produjo en abril de 2008. Yo había tomado un trabajo de enseñanza cerca de donde yo vivo en Tabasco. Una mañana alguien llamó a la puerta de mi oficina. Era mi jefe de departamento, Frank, mirando extrañamente incómodo."

"Hemos recibido un e-mail muy extraño", dijo. "Tal vez deberías leerlo." El encabezamiento de materia decía: Adalberto Vázquez, información importante acerca de su "Restaurante de comida rápida en Villahermosa". Comencé a leer con cautela. "A quien pueda interesar", comenzaba. "Roger Perez comienza proceso legal en contra de Adalberto Vázquez Gómez, propietario de restaurante de comida rapida. Pérez Evoli señaló que el documento abierto en contra de el propietario del restaurante se entregará en el cambio de transición, “será un proceso que se le va a seguir, pero lleva tiempo”, enfatizó.

"Donde hay humo, hay fuego" es un disparate pernicioso, especialmente en la era de Internet, cuando la única barrera para el número de locos mentiras que se dicen es la velocidad a la que se puede escribir. Y, sin embargo, todos estamos seducidos por la sensación de que si alguien se molestó en ponerlo por escrito, que debe ser verdad. ¿Por qué se molestan, si no?

Pero, por supuesto, están locos, o simplemente vicioso y venganza doblada, la gente que hace este tipo de cosas todo el tiempo. Lo que hay que recordar cada vez que leemos una diatriba indignado contra alguien que no conocemos, por alguien que no conocemos. Sí, sería una locura hacer este tipo de cosas para arriba. Pero hay un montón de gente loca en la web. Es por eso que la Reputacion en Internet es un nuevo fenomeno que hay que cuidar, para que las mentiras no crescan mas. 

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Xhibit Corp shows off new Web skin

Xhibit engages customers in the cloud

Last week we found out that Xhibit Corp, LLC launched a new website to showcase its current product offering around the web and beyond. Designed by a team of savy web developers lead by Mirco Pasqualini. We follow Xhibit because of our interest in their product offerings. Xhibit is a full-service provider which focuses on digital products and solutions. According to Yahoo Finance:

Xhibit is a cloud based marketing and technology development company focused on digital advertising, online and mobile social media, CRM (customer relationship management) solutions. Xhibit offers a total solution for digital advertising that is integrated throughout its divisions and shares technology and resources across all of its services. Through its subsidiaries, Xhibit utilizes its branded products and services to provide digital marketing and advertising solutions for top tier advertisers and agency clients. 

    Xhibit Corp Product Offering

 According to Chris Richarde, CEO of Xhibit Corp, their current product offering ranges from:

  • Digital Business Strategy, Analysis and Consultation
  • Social Media Strategy and Monetization
  • Audience Acquisition and Community Design
  • User Experience and User Interface Design
  • Digital Product Brand & Identity
  • Rich Media Design, Video Animation & 3D Modeling
  • Mobile App/Game Design & Development
  • Client & Server Platform Design & Development
  • Ecommerce, Content Management, Site Security

This are all elements that most businesses can use today, and its not limited to a specific size, from a small local shot to a large world wide conglomerate, There is little doubt that the online advertising industry is rapidly growing, but not all public companies are created alike from an investor standpoint. And this is very relevant and Important as see on The OTC Investor : " Many companies like Millennial Media Inc. (NYSE: MM), Incontact Inc. (NASDAQ: SAAS), and ExactTarget Inc. (NYSE: ET) are focused on growing their business at the expense of profitability, while many social media and gaming companies like Zynga Inc. (NASDAQ: ZNGA) are targeting niche markets that have low barriers to entry and difficult monetization.

What we Like about Xhibit Corp

By combining many services under one roof, Xhibit offers advertisers a one-stop shop for all of their digital marketing needs. These services range from creative design to lead generation to e-mail marketing, combining many of the services found individually in other companies. For example, the company’s TwitYap and MovieSocial offer advertisers unique access to targeted social media audiences following celebrities and the film industry after their anticipated launch later this year, while its FlyReply™ e-mail marketing solution offers something similar to Constant Contact Inc. (NASDAQ: CTCT) but has monetization properties unique to Xhibit. On top of all that their products are user friendly and keep a low barrier to new users joining their services.

What to expect from Xhibit in the Future?

New web opportunities for advertisers and business web users looking for new tools to advertise and grow their customer base. As simple as that. We expect that their current product offering will continue to grow and new Posibilities will arise. To find out more about Xhibit Corp (OTC:XBTC) check out:

http://www.reuters.com/finance/stocks/companyOfficers?symbol=XBTC.OB Reuters on Xhibit

https://twitter.com/XhibitCorp Xhibit Twitter Profile

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Lead Revolution from Xhibit is a fantastic Affiliate Marketing Tool

Xhibit Property Leadrevolution.com Review

We just finish working with LeadRevolution.com and we have found it to be a great tool for affiliate advertisers. Lead Revolution is a part of the XI United array of advertising vehicles. Lead Revolution focuses on result driven advertising where business and organizations pay on a performance basis to serve their ad across various channels of SEO, Mobile, Social Media, Email and Display media. The digital world has an ever growing amount of ways for a company to spend their advertising budget but many times those companies are left empty handed without a measurable result. A company could choose to purchase 10,000 banner impressions from another ad agency but has no guarantee of receiving an actual sale or even a lead. Lead Revolution is the answer to this problem. Companies can set a price with Lead Revolution on the action they specifically desire, whether that is a click, lead or even a new customer sale. With powerful and easy to use reporting and analytics, advertisers can measure the results and ad distribution in real time.

Christaofer Richarde, CEO of Xhibit, LLC (https://twitter.com/christaoferRich) head of lead revolution says that Lead Revolution’s team of experts will analyze even the most veteran client’s current business model and structure, to create the optimal environment for producing successful, long-term campaigns. The team at Lead Revolution has expertise in all forms of online marketing including social, affiliate, search, display, email, and data management.

For additional distribution resources Lead Revolution can connect their clients advertisements to their growing third party publisher base through their Ad Network. Lead Revolution helps businesses and organizations identify key market trends and marketing avenues to provide the best quality promotions across a vast reach of channels.

Lead Revolution - Christaofer Richarde

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Spirit Airlines Cancels Flights from Dallas Ft. Worth Airport

Why did Spirit Airlines screwed up my christmass travel plans to Dallas?

Changes to Your Dallas Flights on Spirit Airlines

 On November 21st of 2012, I received an email from Spirt Airlines letting me know that there had been some changes to my original planned trip down to Mexico City (TLC) and to Portland, OR (PDX). I had originally booked this trips back in early October, the prices where incredible and so a great opportunity to spend time with Family in cities that where both served by Spirit Airlines from Dallas. What where those changes and why?

Acording to Spirit Airlines Customer Service, this where changes done by Corporate. Spirit does a few things to help you out but little to really get you where you want to be. Allow me to explain what happened in both my reservations:



I was originally planning on flying from DFW to PDX on November 28th non-stop on a red eye flight. and come back to Dallas January 13th. 2013, It seems that for my return flight Spirit will discontinue its non-stop service Portland to Dallas, (i have no idea why, the flights are always full), and they decided to send me via Las Vegas with a 4 hour layover. No big deal i thought, so long as they compensate me with something. (perhaps free bag check in?) what did i get? NOTHING. Poor english (worst than mine) and lack of reason from customer service.

DFW to TLC (Mexico city):

This one blows to hell, the flights from DFW to Mexico city (toluca) have now been completely canceled, their only alternative was to send me to cancun WTF?.


I hope Spirit does something better about how to handle this changes, I understand some routes might not be profitable for some reason, but you must send people to their original destinations one way or another. 


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What does the Exact match domain update from google mean?


For quite a while, it was possible to rank in the first page of Google with literally no backlinks, compared to non EMDs, often after only a few days in literally every niche you can dream of.

Exact Match Domains (AKA Keyword Domains) are, in general, domain names that exactly match the keyword a website wants to compete for. For example, if a website wants to rank for the term [minor weather report], an exact match domain would be [MinorWeatherReport.com].

Exact Match Domains (AKA Keyword Domains) are, in general, domain names that exactly match the keyword a website wants to compete for. For example, if a website wants to rank for the term [minor weather report], an exact match domain would be [MinorWeatherReport.com].

For years, it was a free lunch for those in-the-know, and now this loophole is closed, just like other loopholes have been closed years before. But instead of complaining about a free lunch being taken away, SEOs should be thankful for having had it. This cheap way to get traffic, thanks to Google being pretty slow to close the loophole, is now gone.

What The EMD Bonus Included

Two of the first SEO techniques that are taught are on-page keyword optimization and link building. Interestingly, those two things are very closely related to typical sorts of webspam techniques. Perhaps, it is time to focus SEO efforts on abiding by some standards, and make websites for people, not search engines.

EMDs are more than likely being targeted for violating keyword stuffing, other simple webspam techniques, and not building quality sites. The keyword phrase is in the exact match domain name, and this seems like an easy breezy technique. Start with the keyword from the Exact Match Domain and repeat it throughout the page.

The same is true for links. For a long time, the huge EMD bonus was that the website’s name is the money keyword one wants to rank for. It seemed OK to really overdo linking for the money keyword, as we thought Google couldn’t differentiate between that keyword being a brand name or not. Having lots of links and mentions in the body for your brand name (i.e., CEMPER) makes a lot of sense.

However, if you have a website www.BuyCheapSomething.com, it seemed that Google took Buy Cheap Something also as a brand name and ranked you fast for it.

Google Knew It, We Knew It

Don’t think for a minute that this EMD algorithm just came out of the blue. The patent for the EMD algorithm, Systems and methods for detecting commercial queries, was filed way back in September of 2003, and finally approved a year ago on October 25, 2011. Matt Cutts even talked about how they were going to change the EMD game in a video on March 7, 2011. Is Google being transparent by warning us that they are giving too much weight to EMDs?

We went through the weekly winners and losers list from SEOLytics to look for EMDs that had dropped sharply from rather stable rankings from the week before the update. We also did the opposite and found EMDs that actually gained in rankings after the update.

An Actual Example Of An EMD Loser

So, let’s just take a quick look at a few things a top loser did, and see if we can find if the site violated any of the guidelines.

We randomly picked one of the analyzed users and found this website:


At first appearance, this site looks professional and has some reputable building company logos. Of course, we see the keyword phrases [dallas fence] and [dallas fence company] throughout the homepage. Perhaps, it isn’t overly done.

However, the FAQs page returns 38 matches for [business liability insurance] and 47 matches for [liability insurance]. Wow! The Guides page returns a total of 100 matches for [Dallas Fence].

Are SEOs creating these types of text areas for users or search engines?

If you click thru those articles, you see that they are just spun content throughout the whole site, and are targeting every possible location with the keyword [Business Liability Insurance]. Not surprising that this site tanked — if you just look at the on-page factors of overdoing the commercial keyword.

What About The Link Profile?

Looking at the domain’s Power*Trust, we see a poor value of 6. More on that in a bit.

The anchor texts they used are striking when you look at this. There is not even an approach to mention the URL at substantial amounts (3% only, to be precise). The rest of the keywords are all money keywords in various combinations.

Link Profile Pie Chart



The Trust of those links are less than mediocre. There is only one business.com link at 5 and the remainders mostly below 3.


When we see a photo of the person next to the testimonial, the value and perception that this company is trustworthy is even greater.

However, I know these people and they are not who they say they are. LOL! They are stock photos. This is not cool in my book!

Even the testimonials are keyword optimized.

What Is Trust & Why Is It Important?

Following the recent Penguin 3 update, I went back and reread the Another step to reward high-quality sites blog post on Tuesday, April 24, 2012. Again, I am highlighting this, because I believe it is important to read what Google tells us they are doing and not read a bunch of conspiracy and hate comments.

The fact is that Google wants highly-trusted sites in its rankings. And any attempt at manipulating the game will be dealt with. If you don’t believe me that Google is taking webspam seriously, here is a valuable quote from a paper that was written in 2005.

“Please note that according to our definition, all types of actions intended to boost ranking (either relevance, or importance, or both), without improving the true value of a page, are considered spamming.” (Web Spam Taxonomy by Zoltán Gyöngyi & Hector Garcia-Molina)

It is probably worth noting, Zoltán Gyöngyi is a research scientist at Google who went to Stanford and studied with Professor Hector Garcia-Molina, who was the principal investigator for the Stanford Digital Library Project, in which the Google search engine emerged.

We know from our research that by now Google is definitely targeting webspam and low-quality sites with its algorithms. So, what does it take to develop a high-quality site?

Following are some excerpts from our updated EMD Case Study, you can get the full report here.

Domains Compared By Power * Trust™

Since Google is always mentioning the overall quality of a site, I could think of no better metric than the CEMPER Power*Trust metric. (Admittedly, I am slightly biased here.)

Power means the strength based on the number and power of links (better than PageRank™). Trust indicates the implied Trust of the page in Google, according to a system similar to the Trust Rank patent. By combining both metrics, you can easily rate the overall quality of a domain.

Cemper Power*Trust

The above chart is very clear; the average winner has double the amount of the Power*Trust compared to the losers. This results from a huge number of highly-trusted and very strong backlinks. While most of the losers’ backlinks are potentially low quality, it is pretty clear that the winners have way more links with high Power*Trust.

Our example, businessliabilityinsurance.org, has an even lower Power*Trust value 6 for their domain than the average loser with a Power*Trust value 8.

Domains Compared By Facebook Shares

Social media activity is (and should be) an ever increasing factor in rating the quality of a website. It’s a pretty clear factor to figure out if the audience likes the content and wants to share it with other people.

In general, a very popular website or brand automatically grows in social networks as soon as the reach higher rankings in Google.

Facebook Shares

This chart shows the huge gap between an average winner’s site with up to 180 shares, whereas the losers have only 17. That might result from the growing priority of a social network, as well as the fact that high quality websites in many verticals simply tend to attract more shares than low quality websites.

Domains Compared By Domain Popularity Growth

The Domain Popularity Growth (i.e., growth of new linking root domains per month) is one of the most important factors for a common natural link profile. A healthy website automatically grows over time because more and more webmasters tend to place a link to a higher quality site.

Avg Domain Popularity Growth EMD Win Lose

What we see here is that the winners have constantly more than double the linking domain growth per month than then losers. While the losers have built an average of 1239 new linking domains over the last 2 years (51 per month), the winners have built an average of 3193 new linking domains over the last 2 years (133 per month).

Is Google Really Evil?

Many SEO professionals and webmasters consider Google to be giant, ruthless regime. Many say they don’t follow their own Don’t do evil mantra when it comes to SEOs. Google is the Internet police, etc. etc… Like most regimes, Google constantly tells us that they are trying their best to be transparent. That is what the people want to hear. Google is a transparent corporation that aims to serve its people.

Surprisingly, most governments or corporations are transparent. You just need to read the correct information or listen in a different way. Large, hidden secrets are not implemented without first being written down.

Therefore, it should not be a surprise that the reduce ranking algorithms Google develops are sort of spelled out. Actually, they really are. Mainly, you just need to not violate the quality guidelines and build higher-quality websites.

Organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful. That is Google’s mission.

Stop for a moment, and dream of a day when all search results on the first page are relevant to want you desire. Is it too much to ask for people to read and abide by some laws?

Google EMD Update – A Shock?

So, it comes as a bit of a shock when I hear outrage and panic about Google’s recent Exact-Match Domain algorithm. SEOs are angry, scared, and confused about how this update is harming their sites. Following the Sept. 29th EMD update, it was amusing to read all the caps and cursing at Google in the blogs.

What did people expect? Learn a few basic SEO techniques, abuse the guidelines, and expect not to get caught?

Key Takeaways

  • Review Google’s Quality Guidelines and make sure you are not in violation of any obvious tactics. For EMDs, keyword stuffing appears to be very common. Similar rules for normal brand domains apply. Many who got away with webspam techniques in the past, lost their free EMD lunch bonus.
  • The overall domain strength is still a very important factor, which means the winners simply got higher quality links and more of them. This makes sense. The typical Quick EMD strategy didn’t need high quality links to rank very high.
  • For all you social fans, it does appear that shares could provide a boost in rankings. Further research will need to be done to confirm this. However, I believe that Google takes the social signals and reads this a value of building a high-quality site. See Google bullet point, “Are the topics driven by genuine interest of readers of the site.”
  • The domain popularity growth of the winners is so much higher and reflects the overall link and site quality.
  • It’s not enough to just build links. More links and better quality lead to a better site, even if it’s an EMD. At least, after the long overdue EMD update.

Finally, Matt Cutts is really sticking to his words to crack down on Web spam in 2012. He closed a lot of loopholes, which surprised me, that were still working during the early part of 2012. I wonder if it’s his secret 30-day challenge to crack down on one old tactic per month?

Personally, I think there’s still a lot more to fix. Based on data we get from our Link Detox technology, which is part of our Link Research Tools software suite (independently reviewed here on SEL), there are still many sites with really bad link profiles and outdated SEO practices that are very easy to detect. I suppose that is also why we should expect these updates to continue on a regular basis.

Again, people, you should thank Matt and Google for letting you get away with EMDs for so long. If your company was affected by This contact DB marketing Dallas

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Facebook creates Tangled Web With Secret Marketer Tools

 Facebook Marketing Tools

If a marketer mistakenly believes that its Facebook Page is a form of owned media, don't point the finger at Facebook. The company has reminded companies that their Facebook Pages and fans really belong to Facebook.

But marketers that still refuse to understand that their Facebook Pages don't belong to them, or don't want to think about the implications of this fact, are in for a rude awakening as Facebook weaves an increasingly tangled web with its efforts to turn marketer activity on its social network into cold hard cash.

The reason? As reported by Adweek's Tim Peterson, "Facebook has been internally allowing a select number of marketers to see their fans' other affinities, such as their favorite brands, bands or TV shows." According to Peterson's sources, "the company has only been using [the tool] on a one-off basis with big-budget brands" and that representatives of preferred brand were only given access to the tool in a Facebook office.

Why the secrecy and security? It's quite obvious: in theory, Facebook's tool could allow these brands to gain key insights unavailable to their competitors, giving them an overall leg up on the social network. Additionally, the data provided could be combined with other data to enable favored brands the ability target their competitors and their fans on the social network.

There is definately a need for Spanish Marketing Tools in Facebook,  if you are looking for a agency to handle your social media needs in Mexico and Latin america. Contact DB Marketing

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Internet Reputation Management and the Lies Told

5 Things You Need To Know About Online Reputation Management

Internet Reputation Repair is a highly skilled service and is not the same as conventional search engine optimization. The methods used involve building and utilizing social vital social media accounts as well as providing useful articles that people will read and link to. Social signals plays a major factor in this process as you are not only trying to rank one website, but multiple URLs and social media profiles as well as compete with the negative search results.

Reputation Management does not have the same strategy as Local SEO

LSEO, or better known as Local SEO, compliments proactive reputation management. Proactive ORM is the process used to protect your online reputation before something bad happens. This approach will always be cheaper than reactive ORM which is always more expensive because there is a sense of urgency. Reactive reputation management is the process of protecting your online reputation after something bad has happened. The process of Local SEO is increasing your web presence in your local market, usually with one website and 10 or so keywords. This differs from ORM (online reputation management) in the fact that not only is the goal to rank the main website, but to rank multiple vital social media properties and secondary websites as well. In many cases (from my professional experience with reactive ORM), the client assumes the process will be cheap and affordable SEO, can be done in a month or two, and it is no longer their problem. Local search engine optimization compliments an affordable reputation management campaign, but it does not fix the problem entirely.

Beware reputation management companies that give you a price without researching your problem

When searching for a company to assist you with your problem, you will undoubtedly come across many that state prices on their website or quote you over the phone in the first 5 or 10 minutes of the conversation. This is your signal to hang up and find an alternative. To put this in laymen’s terms, if I am searching for car repairs and I call an individual or a large dealership to inquire about pricing without having any consideration of the actual problem, I already have the wrong expectations. I can call about repairs and say, "My car sounds like it is grinding and it has a clicking noise after I start it up." The person I am talking to needs to know the make, model, year, mileage, how often I drive it, where I drive it, etc. If the vehicle is a Jeep used for off-roading in the Texas desert, the “clicking and grinding” is potentially a much different than if I drive a sedan 10 miles to work each day and that is the extent of the use of the vehicle. Any person offering you a cheap price for something you do not understand is a recipe for disaster, your disaster not theirs. Internet Reputation Repair is not for amateurs.

Reputation Management Firms claiming to remove ripoff reports from the search results are lying to you

The only way a Ripoff Report can be removed is if you hire an attorney to sue the website and prove that there is a false statement of fact. At this point after a judge rules that there is indeed a false statement of fact, a letter accompanying the judgment can be sent to Google and a DMCA takedown may occur. This process will take a considerable amount of time and money, most likely much more time and money than it will cost to hire a professional ORM company. Rarely, the negative URLs are actually taken out of the search engine index, but rather they are pushed back out of obvious view from the Internet user. The companies claiming to “remove” these such articles in the last few years are now facing harsh penalties in court and many of them are in prison now. There have been methods used to completely remove the result, but that is highly illegal.

Your online reputation most often cannot be repaired in 30 days

I can take up to 30 days for Google to recognize all of the real and authoritative links placed on the web relating to your brand and/or keywords. No one company or person can definitively state they can “make” the spiders crawl, index, and display the positive pages in an exact amount of time. With experience the management of reputation online can be executed in a timely manner, but it cannot be absolutely guaranteed in a particular time frame. If your brand or keyword is very unique and the negative results a fairly new, the result of the efforts can be acquired with professional skill in a shorter duration of time. Usually this cannot be done in 30 -60 days and surely cannot be completed for a low price. When you see the term “affordable reputation management”, this is often regarding the ROI involved. The amount of money you may potentially lose over a 12 month period with negative results on the first page can be far less than the investment required to repair the online reputation. This is a key point many people need to understand. $10,000 or $20,000 is not a lot of money to invest in Internet Reputation Repair if you will lose $100,000 in business over the next 12 months because of the negative search results plaguing your business. Internet Reputation Repair cannot be completed in 30 days in most cases.

Online brand reputation management is not one size fits all

There are many more variables involved in assessing a potential client to accept them as a reputation management client than just hearing, "I have some bad things online and I need it done cheap". This is not going to get the job done 99.999% of the time. The factors used to assess the problem reach much further than looking at a few search terms and giving a price. Some of the variables include:

  1. How many negative URLs are in the first 10 results and on the next four pages?
  2. What is the website of the negative article or review? Is it a three year old Forbes article, 9 bad Yelp reviews, or a Blogspot that is 17 days old?
  3. How many authoritative links give power to the bad article?
  4. What types of web assets are used? They may be articles or blog posts, images or memes, videos or audio, reviews on review sites or forums, etc.
  5. The assets used to damage the online reputation will be taken into major consideration when providing a quote for services and the strategy planning and execution.
  6. What is the state of the current Google algorithm? Currently, exact domain match URLs do not hold authority for general search terms. They only work well if there is a mass amount of useful and unique content or if the brand is directly related to the company seeking reputation management.

Online Reputation Repair Hidden Variables

One last thought on brand management services in regard to expectations: the company planning and executing the strategy to repair the reputation is not at fault. The person or company is at fault most of the time due to their own negligence. Just because you may pay an investment to have this service completed, the problem does not belong to the professional company you have hired, it is still your problem. You cannot and do not give away your problem with the investment as there is no way to determine if the negative results are being fueled by a bigger budget than yours. I have seen this exact scenario happen where a high profile client upset the wrong person and that person had more money than they did. Everything that was done to push back the bad results was countered with a budget of 10x that of what was spent to fix the problem. Thus, the question that often came up was, “Why are you not doing your job? I paid money.” The truth learned during that campaign was the person providing the budget for the smear campaign against the client was a billionaire and he had a vendetta to cultivate and grow, like a flower. Money was no object and he wanted the client to pay an extreme price for the wrong he may or may not have done. Choose wisely when investing in brand protection online as this decision is one of the most important you will ever may on behalf of your business. Your decision to go cheap will have a direct effect on the longevity and trust factor your company conveys to potential customers. It is wise to invest in your business and your Internet Reputation Repair instead of trying to pay the cheapest price.

If you would like to know more about DB Marketing contact us a 214 699 9551.

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LSEO Local Search Engine Optimization

LSEO and ORM Promote and Protect Local Business

A common acronym for local SEO these days is LSEO, which stands for local search engine optimization. To learn more about what local search is, how it works, and who needs it, visit the blog post titled Affordable Local SEO Increases Revenue.

Top 4 Reasons to optimize locally

  1. Increase visibility locally online
  2. Provide places online for your customers to give you positive reviews
  3. Reach the correct local audience which decreases your bounce rate
  4. Make your mark online with your recognizable brand

Steps to Local Search Engine Optimization Success

Visibility Report

Gathering information regarding a business online is an important tool when undertaking a local SEO campaign. It is necessary to find out when citations have been placed for your company as well as the exact URL the business is listed at.  


Have your online presence analyzed by a professional to determine where you are listed online, where your URL is not listed, and where listings are incomplete or inaccurate. A LSEO audit will determine accuracy of name, address, and phone number (NAP) as well as website URL, hours of operation, and other vital details regarding your business.  

Local Online Reputation ManagementCitation Campaign

Local business listings display the following information: name, address, phone number, product and service details, multiple payment methods, your logo, images relating to your business, hours of operation, coupons and discounts, etc. Your business needs to be listed online for your customers to find your company information. The benefits of LSEO are plentiful. Your business contact information will be listed on search engines, online yellow page sites, city guides and portals, 411 directories, social networks, GPS services including manufacturer specific in-car navigation systems, OnStar, iPhone, Android, Blackberry, and more.

How Does LSEO affect Online Reputation Management?

Local SEO is a vital component to your business marketing if you depend on customers or clients in your area. Some examples of this are roofers, dentists, plastic surgeons, lawyers, housekeeping services, and other local based businesses. Promoting your company locally online strengthens against negative reviews or attacks on your business.

Proactive Reputation Management is Affordable

The process of LSEO ensures you have a barrier called Proactive Reputation Management, which is managing your business reputation before disaster strikes your revenue. Proactive ORM naturally occurs while executing the local SEO process and sets your business up to succeed and easily manage any negative comments about you on the web.

Reactive Reputation Management

The alternative is Reactive Reputation Management which happens after negative reviews or websites surface on the Internet about your company. Reactive ORM is expensive and many companies are shocked at the cost. Taking steps to repair your online reputation after bad things happen, is always more expensive than paying the affordable cost to build a barrier before problems arise. Taking the necessary steps to ensure your online reputation is guarded and healthy may be the best business decision you can make.

Top Benefits of Reputation Management

  • Find out when and where customers are talking about you online
  • Determine high priority alerts regarding business listings and customers leaving negative reviews
  • Identify the top review sources where customers are talking about their experience with your company
  • Learn the main social media sites your customers are creating a buzz about your business


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Why You Need to Worry about your Online Reputation

Your Reputation and the Interview Process for a new Job

Lets just say you are applying for a new job,  it’s in an industry where you have a great deal of expertise and the company is growing. You’ve put together a great resume with your latest projects, and your first interview has gone really well. Things are looking up, right? Well, not exactly. The HR manager decides to do a quick search for your name on Google. That’s when things go pear-shaped. Here’s a forum post you wrote 5 years ago talking about that hotel you trashed in Vegas. There’s an old Facebook photo of you guzzling down a beer-bong. In one of the pictures you look high, and someone wrote about you on Ripoffreport.com. They don’t call back for a second interview.

A Business Opportunity and your Presence in Google

Your have a small business and your company is on the verge of a big contract with a major player in the industry and you can almost taste the boost that your business will receive from landing such a good contract. Your networking has really paid off, and a mutual friend’s recommendation virtually guarantees you the contract.

Online Reputation Management Los AngelesHowever, like almost everyone does these days, the client runs an additional search on your company’s name. On the 4th result disaster strikes. A bitter, slightly unhinged ex-employee has been ranting about your treatment of workers using Apestan.com, Ripoffreport.com and everywhere he can. The next 6 results are just as bad. You don’t get the contract.

What is Online Reputation Management?

The two scenarios above are just examples, but it’s important for you to know that these situations occur every single day. Reputation management (also known as ORM or online reputation management) is the process of assessing the potentially harmful search results that come up with brand name and legal name queries, and then preparing a strategy to take control of those results. This includes managing at least the first page of results as well as any harmful image results.

Online Reputation management isn’t strictly the same as vanilla SEO, because it focuses on creating a positive aura around a person / brand without necessarily focusing on driving traffic, as most search-engine traffic does not come via direct brand-name queries. Reputation management is also an ongoing process, so it includes having a system in place to monitor up-to-date mentions of your name or brand, ensuring that a pristine results page today doesn’t turn into a nightmare tomorrow.

Why is it important?

DB Marketing Blog readers are ahead of the curve, so I shouldn’t have to go into too much detail here. If you want to make a living – and not just on online – then reputation management is something that you absolutely need to understand and control. Not having it handled can lose you business, job opportunities and even friends.

Sometimes the results may not even be malicious, but just undesirable. Consider the example of a company that has a consumer-facing platform as well as a corporate website. The brand names are the same, so that when consumers search for the brand they are often led to the corporate site, which doesn’t fulfill their needs, so they move onto a different brand. They’re probably not coming back in this ‘one-and-done’ online culture.

Have you had any experience with negative reputation on the net? What did you do to combat it? Share any horror stories or reputation recovery anecdotes that you’ve heard in the comments, if you need help with any negative information about you on the web, contact DB Marketing Reputation Management Team

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How to find a White Hat SEO agency in Dallas

White Hat SEO agency in Dallas

Success in Google comes in various ways. Our preffered method is when you are using the legitimate means, the correct strategies, and go step by step so you can achieve the best results. Another way is to do the illegal tactics and you still achieve higher results. But what sets them apart is that using the permissible method and techniques will help prolong your success for a longer period, while doing what is unlawful and prohibited will eventually get you penalized.

White Hat SEO DallasThese types of scenarios are not missed by many SEO agencies. When an SEO expert observes and studies one particular website, that expert can instantly tell if the site is derived by using the legal way; otherwise known as Dallas White Hat SEO, or is optimized through black hat SEO, a term for doing non user oriented SEO strategies. They can easily tell the difference because of how the keywords are utilized in the site, the back links, the quality of the content, and more. They can already tell from afar if the website will be successful or not – through the strategies used. Instead of dwelling on the illegal tactics of SEO, let’s focus solely on the White Hat SEO, and what do online marketers gain from using this kind of strategy? First is stability. Your website remains consistent in top search engine page results because you are applying SEO the right way. You really don’t have to nitpick on the little changes, unless there is a need for it. There are times when the algorithm changes and suddenly, you found your site buried below the search engine pages. However, the changes vary and it’s only temporarily, so your page resumes its ranking. More importantly, your site lasts longer in search engine ranks. Second is credibility. A lot of online users want to visit websites which are credible and trustworthy.

Once you apply White Hat SEO tactics and your site gains a good ranking, visitors will definitely click on your site because of the reliable information that you convey to the public. As long as you have a well-written content that is very fresh, original, and very informative, then you’re definitely getting a huge number of visitors; thus getting more traffic in your site. In order for your business site to do well in search engine pages, be sure to use the most legal and legitimate means to rank. Using any SEO Dallas strategies, particular the White Hat SEO, is the only way for you to accomplish something and you should make the most of it since it’s free to apply it in your site! 

How to choose the right SEO agency in Dallas:

  1. If the Agency promise you #1 search engine ranking, don't walk-RUN away! Not even Google itself can guarantee a ranking position!
  2. Did the SEO Company contact you? If so, you should question that, in and of itself, since most reputable SEO Companies are too busy to query website owners for SEO work.
  3. Ask someone to refer a good SEO company locally, or interview a company you find on the internet and find out how they operate. Research. Don't trust blindly.
  4. If you don't know HTML, you can ask someone you know who has experience with HTML to view the source codes on websites that the SEO company has optimized.
  5. If you find tiny text, invisible text or you notice that the page background is the same color as the font, then you stand the chance of having your page banned from Google Search.
  6. Get References!
  7. If you get stuck and you need a consultation, contact DB Marketing. We offer complimentary quick consultations on web design and search engine optimization.
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“Exact Match Domain” Google Algorithm Alteration

Matt Cutts, the head of Google’s web spam fighting team, recently announced through Twitter that Google will be making another change to its ever-altering algorithm.

Apparently this “small” algorithm alteration will reduce how well “low quality, exact match domains” fare in the search engine results pages (SERPs).


Exact Match Domain exampleExact match domains are those sorts of domains that match the search term exactly. For example, if a person used Gordon Brent Pierce for online reputation management and the domain name was www.gordonbrentpierce.com, then that would be an exact match domain.

Matt Cutts said that this will only impact on 0.6% of English US queries by a noticeable amount, and that it is “unrelated” to the Panda and Penguin changes that have been highly spoken about recently. The Panda update was a filter added to Google’s algorithm to fight against low quality web content, whereas Penguin was aimed at controlling and relegating spam-ridden websites.

This doesn’t mean that websites that have exact match domains are going to suddenly plummet down the rankings. Far from it. It will only impact on websites that are incredibly low quality and are using the exact match domain as a means to rank highly. The update is good news for websites that are legitimately selling a product or service and using White Hat SEO techniques to do so.

This recent update shouldn’t come as a surprise as Cutts said in 2010 that Google will be investigating into why some exact match domains rank highly despite being a poor quality website. Over the next few days and weeks, you may be able to see websites that previously ranked highly suddenly begin to appear lower in the SERPs.

So long as your exact match domain website has good, quality content, quality backlinks and the correct keywords, your website shouldn’t appear lower than it deserves to be.

For more information on how to protect your websites and your name on the web contact DB Marketing

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Guaranteed Online Reputation Management services

Every day DB Marketing receives calls regarding negative results in Google and one of the first things we are asked is “How do I ensure I am not scammed by you?” they may have received a $299 guaranteed results e-mail offer already and are quite rightly suspicious. Our industry has a bad rep and it deserves it. We tell our potential clients not to work with a company that has no physical address (many of these scammers are abroad) . Do not buy the line “we cannot provide references due to the confidentiality agreements with our clients” if they have a professional relationship with their clients re delivering results their clients will talk to you. We have never had an issue and our clients are happy to help us win new business. 

online reputation management

Check List for Finding an Online Reputation Management Company

Some companies that promote online reputation management do not have the technical knowledge nor the ability to help influence search results and end up causing more harm. A good online reputation management company can easily answer all of the following:

  • Do they have a physical address?
  • Do they have a direct number and contact person that will work with you throughout the campaign?
  • Have they been in business more than a year?
  • Does the company have good references?
  • Do they only employ white hat tactics?
  • Are they willing to show you an example of what they can do?
  • Do they address how they will build links?
  • Will all the assets they create or promote be under the full control of your company?
  • Check their Google rankings can they rank terms other than their own brand terms, the key to good online reputation management is excellent SEO skills if the company you are talking to cannot rank their own site you need to ask them why.  There are only 10 spots in the top 10 and there may ne a good valid reason that the company has not focussed on ranking for certain keywords follow your instinct if sounds genuine then it may be.  They may not focus on thier own site rankings but may be able to show you rankings for their clients instead. 
  • Pick up references, if the company cannot provide you with references then walk away.  You cannot afford to do this over. 

If you answer ‘No’ to any of these questions, you may need to look for another company to manage your online reputation management campaign. Your company’s reputation is worth the time it takes to find the right match. We at DB Marketing offer a strong list of clients and satisfied customers that will give you a great reference to out work. Feel free to contact us here

Some of the companies we work with:

BionicSEO - Online Reputation Management Texas

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Online Reputation Management: Prevent before its to late

Google Reputation Management Prevention & Control

Today, not only lawyers subscribe to this world. The Internet is a very fertile ground for negative publicity. At DB Marketing we know that a crisis is always waiting to happen, especially with the advent of social media which encouraged people to talk, no filters.

It should not come as a shock that online reputation management has become indispensable for businesses with an online presence. Actually, even those who do not have an online presence are still vulnerable to online attacks. The goal of online reputation management is to manage damages once push comes to shove, but wouldn’t it be better if crises don’t happen at all? Clearly, your first priority should not have an effective push-button crises management plan, but to prevent them even before they happen.

Clients Need To Trust You

The chances of a consumer-generated crisis are significantly reduced if your relationship with your customers online is founded on a strong base of trust. Do not overpromise and then under-deliver. Avoid making unrealistic claims. When setting deadlines and due date, be realistic. Deadlines are sacred and if you cannot keep them, you have to inform your stakeholders in advance and offer a valid explanation.

Trust and credibility are two closely related concepts. SEO firms can build the latter through subtle tactics such as getting affiliated with credible organizations and getting a testimonial from them. This will discourage negative publicity or people will consider it as a rumor because of these supporting testimonials. One vital element of online reputation management is clear, honest and constant communication. Most crises are actually just miscommunication blown out of proportion.

Online Reputation Management Prevention

Taking the Extra Mile in Customer Service

You cannot please everybody and not all your customers will be happy when they leave your store. Sometimes, these types of customers just need to feel extra special. So, if it’s special treatment that they want, go ahead and give them the most special treatment you can. Part of online reputation management is actually exceptional customer service.

Hear them out. Most irate customers feel that no one is listening to them. So, listen and intelligently and compassionately respond. Always have a grievance system in place. People won’t rant in their social media accounts or blogs if they have someone in your company they can relay their complaints to. Offer warranties and service guaranties. And if you do, honor your word and uphold what you promised.
If you can, have third party associations vouch for your products and services. Customers are always pacified if they know that a third party organization is looking out after their needs.
Why wait for a crisis for you to respond? At DB Marketing we have realized that managing your image online begins way before a problem erupts. Contact Us for more information at +1-214-699-9551 or send us a message

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